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Unsigned DLLs of Aspose.Cells?


​​The download package of Aspose.Words for .NET (latest version; v18.8) contains both Authenticode signed and unsigned versions of the DLLs.
​However, the download package of Aspose.Cells for .NET (latest version; v18.7) contains only the Authenticode signed versions of the DLLs.
​Why doesn’t this package contain also the unsigned versions?
​We would like unsigned versions of the Aspose.Cells DLLs.

​​Thank you for your reply.

​Kind regards,


We do not provide unsigned Dlls in the release. We can provide an unsigned Dll for the latest fix. We hope you will also use signed Dlls in future.

Hello Amjad,

We understand you apparently don’t provide unsigned Dll’s, otherwise they would obviously be in the downloaded package.

The problem is that we need the unsigned Dlls. In older versions of Aspose.Cells (for isntance 17.9) they were present in the package. Somewhere between 17.9 and 18.6 you stopped including the non-authenticode signed dll’s in the packages. Furthermore, in Aspose.Words the unsigned dll’s are still present in the latest package. Why the difference?

The absence of unsigned dll’s in the packages is a problem for us, since signed dll’s forces a specific version reference in .Net which causes version conflicts in our projects.

So my question is, why did you stop providing unsigned dll’s, and is it possible to start providing them again?


We should not provide unsigned Dlls in our opinion. We will check with other Aspose teams on the matter. We will get back to you with unsigned Dll soon (in the next few days (2-3)).

It’s been a while now. Any update?

I’d like to stress that we discovered that the nuget package of Aspose.Cells also contains a signed version of the dll, while aspose.words does not. Having signed dll’s in a nuget package can cause version conflicts when including 2 packages that have a dependency on a different version of aspose.cells. I have never in my life encountered signed dll’s in a nuget package. We really would like to see the unsigned versions of the dll’s in the nuget package and also in the download package to avoid version conflicts.


Could you provide details on version conflicts issue when using signed Aspose.Cells assemblies. If possible you may provide a simple project to show the issue. We do not get any query for obtaining unsigned Dlls from other users.

And, we will check if we can provide you the unsigned Dll soon. Which .NET framework you are using, .NET 2.x, 3.x or 4.x, etc.?

When a .net library is signed, a reference to this library is tied to that specfic build. This means that if nuget package A is built against version 1.0 of a signed assembly, and states that it needs AT LEAST version 1.0, and a nuget package B is built against version 2.0 of the same assembly, and states that it needs at least version 2.0, nuget will include version 2.0 of the signed assembly in the project. However, when a method of nuget package A that uses the signed dll is called, a runtime error will occur because it cannot find version 1.0 of the signed dll.

The behavior is differently when the dll is not signed. In that case, the nuget package code simply redirects the binding to version 2 of the (unsigned) library, and no errors occur.

We have a similar situation in our project. Our main project is build against a specific version of aspose.cells. We have a plugin that is added to the project at some customers. This plugin might be built against a different version of aspose cells, because it is specific to a version of our product, so the aspose.cells version used in our main product may change over time. However, this plugin now no longer runs, because it requires a different version of aspose.cells than the one in our main product.

Again, this conflict does not occur when the dll’s are not signed.


Thanks for providing us details.

Your concerns seems to be valid and justified but we need to evaluate it in details. A ticket with an id “CELLSNET-46289” is logged for your requirements/issue into our database. We hope we can provide un-signed Dlls in the next few days. Regarding including unsigned Dlls into Downloads section and especially in Nuget repos., we got evaluate other things and aspects as well. We will do that soon.

Once we have the unsigned Dlls or we have an update on the proceedings, we will let you know here.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused!


This is to inform you that It is decided that we will include unsigned Dlls in the next release.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSNET-46289) have been fixed in Aspose.Cells for .NET v18.9. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by Amjad_Sahi