Update Multiple Document Properties of PPTX


I have a requirement where I need to update multiple Built In Document Properties of a single PPTX 2013 file. User may input a collection of properties which needs to be updated. I want to iterate through the input properties collection and update the Built In Document Properties using string property name as key to access document property. Something as I do in case of Word/Excel. Here is a code snippet of what I am trying to achieve.

public static void EditPPTTemplatesPPI(string sourceFile, IEnumerable properties)




//initializing Aspose License for pptx application.

Aspose.Slides.License license = new Aspose.Slides.License();


//initialize Aspose object for pptx application

Aspose.Slides.Pptx.PresentationEx pres = new Aspose.Slides.Pptx.PresentationEx(sourceFile);

Aspose.Slides.Pptx.DocumentPropertiesEx props = pres.DocumentProperties;

foreach (var item in properties.ToList())


//I want to access pres Built-In Document Properties using item as key

props[item] = string.Empty;


pres.Save(sourceFile, Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Pptx);


catch (Exception)




Please tell me how can I achieve this. Also I see that the Built In Document properties implementation is different for PowerPoint PPTX in comparison to Word/Excel. Why is it so? Word/Excel Document Properties seems to be implemented as a Collection where as for PowerPoint PPTS it seems to be implemented as Class and Properties?



Hi Karunish,

Thanks for inquiring Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the requirements shared by you and request you to please visit this documentation link for your kind reference. The documentation link will help you how to work with documentation properties. Please try using the attached sample and share with us if there is any further help required in this regard. I also like to add that Aspose.Slides is different product as compare to Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells and things are done differently in all API’s.

Many Thanks,