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Update range values list

Hi there,
Is it possible to add range values on a worsheet based on the input on another worksheet, for example, worksheet A has only a range of default values and on worksheet B user adds “New value” on cell A1, is there a way to update the range of values based on what users add on column A, so now the range would contain “New value” as well?


Well, although I am not entirely sure about your requirements but I think via formulas that you may set you can accomplish your needs. For example, you have two worksheets Sheet1 and Sheet2 in the same workbook. In Sheet1 cell A1, you have a formula i.e. “=Sheet2!A1”, now when you update any value in A1 cell in Sheet2, the A1 cell in Sheet1 gets updated accordingly. See the documents on setting formulas and calculating formulas here:

If you have some other requirements or issue, kindly create a sample file manually in MS Excel containing your desired results for range or cells, attach the file here, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

Thanks Amjad for your quick response,
See attached file, that was the long story short, basically there is a page which exports a list of buildings (“Buildings” worksheet) and their properties (“BuildingProperty” worksheet) and the user should be able to add more buildings and their properties, so when a new building is added, it should be shown as an option on the dropdown list at “BuildingName” column on the “BuildingProperty” worksheet, and that dropdown list is being fed by a named range on the “Lookup” worksheet, so I think the only way to show those as new options would be by updating the named range with the newly entered buildings.

So based on your answer I think the easiest solution would be to generate the range with default values plus a bunch of cells having only the formula you provided and just referencing the proper cells on the “Building” worksheet.

Any other idea?



I have checked your Excel file. Well, you are using List Data validation, Aspose.Cells does support all validation types including List, please see the topic for your reference that can help you to implement your requirements directly. The source of the list data validation can come from different sheet or a named range:

Note: “In the example, a second worksheet is added to hold the list source that comes from a named range. Users can only select values from the list”.

Thank you.