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Update Text makes layer move

Hello (again)
I'm using the script provided here:
When I'm trying to update the text inside a layer with the updateText(text) (or any verion with more arguments) the size and position of the textlayer changes. Included is the psd file we are using. It has 3 layers in total, one being the background and Layer I and Layer II. These both have textfields on them and when looking at the layers it shows the position and dimensions of the textlayer. When changing the text these position and dimensions change. Here I've got a print where 1 is the original dimensions and position which are gotten by using getRight(), getBottom(), getLeft(), getTop(), getHeight() and getWidht.
The second line (2) is these same commando's but after we used the updatetext. as you see these things changed.
layer: Layer I
1 Right: 636 Left: 154 Top: 153 Bottom: 250 Height: 97 Width: 482
2 Right: 666 Left: 154 Top: 153 Bottom: 348 Height: 195 Width: 512
layer: Layer II
1 Right: 637 Left: 516 Top: 270 Bottom: 323 Height: 53 Width: 121
2 Right: 664 Left: 516 Top: 270 Bottom: 367 Height: 97 Width: 148
I'm looking for either a way to calculate/predict the movement which will happen so I can move the text back to the original position again or for a way to have the text not move anymore.
Could you please assist me?


Hi Heyne,

I have observed the issue information shared by you and request you to please provide working sample code and generated image for reference. I will be able to investigate the issue further on my end on provision of requested information.

Many Thanks,



I’m using the php/javabridge. Included is a piece of sample code and the psd used. Also the result which I get is included.
as you see both textlayers (“Ten Brinke” and “Group” in the original) are moved down and right in the result.


Hi Heyne,

Thank you for sharing the information with us. I have observed the information related to displacement of text layer. A ticket with ID IMAGINGJAVA-716 has been added as enhancement in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that we may share notification with you once issue will be fixed.

Best Regards,



I’m checking in to see if there is any update on this issue already. Or else if there might be a workaround.



I have observed your comments. I regret to inform that issue is still unresolved. I have also requested our product team to share further feedback regarding this issue. I request for your patience until further feedback is shared by our product team.

Best Regards,

Adnan Ahmad



I noticed the status of the ticket was changed into “blocked” while there hasn’t been any update in this topic.
Is there any news regarding this issue?



I like to share that the concerned issue is blocked owing to missing implementation in Aspose.Imaging for .NET. Good news is that the issue has been resolved for Aspose.Imaging for .NET and it shall be ported to Aspose.Imaging for Java as well. We will be sharing the good news with you as soon as the issue will be resolved.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.


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