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Updating the embedded OLE Excel sheet data does not change OLE Image in slide (C# .NET)


I have a pptx file including an Excel workbook (a table, directly visible as a preview picture) :

  • With Aspose.Slides 20.1 I am able to access to the EmbeddedFileData of the Excel workbook and to load them as an Aspose.Cells workbook.
  • Then I am able with Aspose.Cells 20.1 to change texte inside the workbook and with Aspose.Slides to replace the original ObjectData (Excel workbook in the pptx file) by the data of the modified workbook.
  • After saving the pptx file with Aspose.Slides when I open the file with PowerPoint the preview picture of the included Excel is still the one corresponding to original data
  • If I open the Excel file included in the pptx file I can see the modified data and the preview picture is updated by PowerPoint, reflecting the new data

Is there a way to update the preview picture with Aspose.Slides before saving the pptx ?


I have observed your requirements. This is not an issue with API. Actually, Excel file is added as OLE object in presentation. In slide the OLE Object depicts the last snapshot of the Excel file opened or what ever is set for OLE object programmatically. So, even if you modify the Embedded Excel file, you have to perform one additional step for creating a thumbnail of Excel file area that you want to set as default when Ole is loaded for the first time in PowerPoint. Please visit this documentation article for your kind reference and more specifically check the method AddExcelChartInPresentation on this page.