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Upgrade to latest version broke code

The following was gold code until I upgraded to the latest version. I was previously at 2.x which I bought in July of 2005. I have included the small sub where the error occurs and the sub that calls it directly below it.

I am simply copying a word document that is a template and then merging in data for each person being mailed and then merging an undetermined number of photos belonging to each person. The final document is the target document.

Private Sub AppendDoc(ByVal dstDoc As Aspose.Words.Document, ByVal srcDoc As Aspose.Words.Document)

While srcDoc.Sections.Count > 0

Dim section As Aspose.Words.Section = srcDoc.Sections(0)

'The section must first be removed before it can be inserted into a document.


dstDoc.Sections.Add(section) 'ERRORS ON THIS LINE

End While

End Sub

Private Sub MailSubjects(ByRef ds As wsOrgEvent.dsMailEvent)

Dim license As Aspose.Words.License = New Aspose.Words.License


Dim SourceDocS As New Aspose.Words.Document(m_MailTemplatePathS)

Dim TargetDocS As Aspose.Words.Document

Dim dsChanges As New wsOrgEvent.dsMailEvent

Dim rwS As wsOrgEvent.dsMailEvent.tblSubjectRow

Dim rwAd As wsOrgEvent.dsMailEvent.tblSubjectAddressRow

Dim rwE As wsOrgEvent.dsMailEvent.tblEventRow

Dim dvS As New DataView

Dim iPerson_ID As Int32


dvS.Table = ds.tblSubject

dvS.Sort = "SeqNo"

'Used to determine number of forms to print per address.

Dim iFormImageCnt As Int16 = spnImagesS.Value

Dim iFormImageCntr As Int16 = 0

Dim iFormsPerDocCntr As Int16 = 0

Dim iSFotoCnt As Int16

Dim iSFotoIndex As Int16

Dim iPrintDocCntr As Int16 = 0

Dim iFormsCntr As Int32

Dim iFormsCnt As Int16

Dim iTotalFormsCntr As Int16

Dim rowsFotos() As wsOrgEvent.dsMailEvent.tblSubjectFotoRow

'Set DateTime string used in naming file

Dim sNow As String

sNow = Now.ToString

sNow = sNow.Replace(" ", "_")

sNow = sNow.Replace(":", "-")

sNow = sNow.Replace("/", "-")

'Initialize Print doc dhere

TargetDocS = SourceDocS.Clone


'Create labordernbr\subjects folder under template folder to save print documents to

If Not System.IO.Directory.Exists(m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr) Then

System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr)

If Not System.IO.Directory.Exists(m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr + "\Subjects") Then

System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr + "\Subjects")

End If

m_TargetDirectoryS = m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr + "\Subjects"


If Not System.IO.Directory.Exists(m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr + "\Subjects") Then

System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr + "\Subjects")

End If

m_TargetDirectoryS = m_MailTemplateDirectoryS + "\" + m_LabOrderNbr + "\Subjects"

End If

'execute merge here

Dim sPath As String

'there is no way to know in advance exactly the total forms that will be printed because not everyone has the same number of photos.

rwE = ds.tblEvent.Rows(0)

For Each rwS In dvS.Table.Rows

iSFotoIndex = 0

rowsFotos = ds.tblSubjectFoto.Select("Person_ID = " + rwS.Person_ID.ToString)

iSFotoCnt = rowsFotos.Length

'determine the number of forms to print

If iSFotoCnt <= spnImagesS.Value Then

iFormsCnt = 1

iFormImageCnt = iSFotoCnt 'if form image count > subject foto count, then we pretend each form has only the foto count of each subject

'this prevents iSFotoIndex from going out of range


If iSFotoCnt Mod spnImagesS.Value = 0 Then

iFormsCnt = iSFotoCnt / spnImagesS.Value


iFormsCnt = (iSFotoCnt / spnImagesS.Value) + 1

End If

End If

For Each rwAd In ds.tblSubjectAddress.Select("Person_ID = " + rwS.Person_ID.ToString)

For iFormsCntr = 1 To iFormsCnt

Dim OrderDoc As Document = SourceDocS.Clone




Dim db As New DocumentBuilder(OrderDoc)

iFormImageCntr = 1

Do While iFormImageCntr <= iFormImageCnt

sPath = rowsFotos(iSFotoIndex).Path.Replace("Email", "Mail")







iSFotoIndex += 1 'this indexe is reset between subjects and between each address

iFormImageCntr += 1


iFormsPerDocCntr += 1

Select Case iFormsPerDocCntr < spnFormPerDocS.Value

Case True

Call AppendDoc(TargetDocS, OrderDoc)

iTotalFormsCntr += 1

Case False

Call AppendDoc(TargetDocS, OrderDoc)

iTotalFormsCntr += 1

TargetDocS.Save(m_TargetDirectoryS + "\DMS-" + m_LabOrderNbr + "-Subjects-" + iPrintDocCntr.ToString + "_" + sNow + ".doc")

If ckbPrintTest.Checked Then

MessageBox.Show("Print Test was checked. Please, review your saved document!", "Saved Test Document!", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information)

Exit Sub

End If

iPrintDocCntr += 1

'set up new print document

TargetDocS = SourceDocS.Clone


iFormsPerDocCntr = 0

End Select

Next 'form

iSFotoIndex = 0 'reset for next address

Next 'address

If rwS.Mailed = False Then rwS.Mailed = True

Next 'subject

dsChanges = ds.GetChanges

If Not dsChanges Is Nothing Then

Call wsOrgEvent.UpdateMailedFlag(dsChanges)


End If

MessageBox.Show(iTotalFormsCntr.ToString + " forms generated and " + iPrintDocCntr.ToString + " documents saved!", "Mail Results!", MessageBoxButtons.OK)

Catch ex As Exception

MsgBox(iPerson_ID.ToString + ": " + ex.Message)

End Try

End Sub

My bad. I forgot to include the error message.

"The new child was created from a different document than the one that created this node."

Bill Lucas

I gave going through the documentaiton a second try and corrected the sub as follows:

Private Sub AppendDoc(ByRef dstDoc As Aspose.Words.Document, ByRef srcDoc As Aspose.Words.Document)

Dim srcSection As Section = srcDoc.Sections(0)

Dim dstSection As Section = CType(dstDoc.ImportNode(srcSection, True), Section)


End Sub