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Upgraded from 1.8 to 2.0 and Excel Designer File (Urgent)

I upgraded from 1.8.x to and made the changes of ‘getat’ to ‘item’, but the designer file will not open, get message "Index was outside the bounds of the array."

Also I have the professional edition it is saying that I have standard edition and autofit and page settings are not working, saying do not have right edition.


The index error looks like it has to do with the designer file having more then 1 worksheet.

I when back to the 1.8 version and all works well, did the licensing approach change and I need new licenses (winform/oem).



Please let me know your order id.

I believe that the order id = 031207110545

I purchased Standard Aspose on 7-11-2003 and then upgraded to Professional on 12-7-2003 for both the winform development and deployement.

This is for one application.

What will it cost to upgrade from one application to multiple application and what needs to happen if we change our company name.


Hi Scott,

Could you send the designer file to me? Thanks.

Hi Scott,

About the upgrade issue, Ben will post his reply later.

I’m emailing the file to


Dear Scott,

Your order id is 030711003436, not 031207110545. Please always quote it when you request support for licensing, upgrade, otc.

As your order is already for Professional Edition, I have enable you to re-create the license files. Please login Orders to do that. I have sent the login account details to you please check your email.

One more question regarding the license, if we change our company name can I get new license files to reflect this.


Dear Scott,

If your company name is changed you can request to renew your license files to reflect that change for free.

By the way, sorry for ignoring your upgrade request.

I have create an upgrade order 040615193025 for you to enable you to deploy multiple Windows applications. Check the upgrade details below.

The old order details: Product: Aspose.Excel; Limitation: Limited; Edition: Professional; Platform: Windows; Development Machine: One; Deployment Windows Machine: External; Deployment Windows Application: One; Discount: Not Applicable; Price(USD): 1088; Rate: 1.348; Price(AUD): 1467

The new order details: Product: Aspose.Excel; Limitation: Limited; Edition: Professional; Platform: Windows; Development Machine: One; Deployment Windows Machine: External; Deployment Windows Application: Multiple; Discount: Not Applicable; Price(USD): 1257; Rate: 1.437; Price(AUD): 1806

The upgrade cost: Price(USD): 169; Rate: 1.437; Price(AUD): 339

If you want to upgrade it please login Orders to pay it.

Feel free to post if you need more info or help.

I have fixed this bug. A new hotfix will be released within this week.

Please download Hotfix 2.0.2. The bug is fixed.

Now that I upgraded to multiple deployment applications, do I create a license file for each one or is it one license for all applications.


Dear Soctt,

Thank you for paying the upgrade.

For your Windows Deployment License, it’s tied to a specific assembly. So when you need to deploy a new assembly that directly calls Aspose.Excel you need to create a new Windows Deployment License for it. In this case you can login Orders to do that by yourself at any time.

I have upgraded to the version 2.0.2. The designer file from above is working fine, but now the other excel workbooks are not working for me. There are showing up as comma delimited and an evaluation message at the bottom. I will be sending the excel file to I am not getting the evaluation message on the bottom of an excel workbook from a designer file.

The worksheets not working is being populated by either a datatable or putvalues.


Hi Scott,

The two files your sent me are all CSV format. Do you save the file as CSV format?

About the evaluation message, that means your license file is not valid. Please change to use Excel.SetLicense method to set license and see what will happen. If possible, please send me your code to create the file.


I am sending the code and 2 excel sheets.

The first is created with version and works fine.

The other (2) is created with version and has issues.


Hi Scott,

Have your tried to rebuild your project? After 1.8.8, we change the obfuscate mode for our dll. I think that causes your problem. Please rebuild your project and have a try.

I have all my dlls and exe contained in a solutions so every project is rebuild as part of the solution.


After re-check your code, I find that your have to change this line of code.

excel.Save(sdlg.FileName, SaveType.Default)

Please change it to:

excel.Save(sdlg.FileName, FileFormatType.Default)