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Upgrading from Aspose.words 5.x to Aspose.Words 10.0

Will an update from Aspose.Words 5.x to Aspose.Words 10.0 require a reboot?

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I am upgrading from Aspose.words 5.x to Aspose.Words 10.0 - will this require a reboot?

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your inquiry.

If by reboot you mean a restart of your server, then most likely yes it will require this. There have been a few API changes between Aspose.Words versions 5 and 10.0 which may require some code changes.

You can find the full details of code you may need to change in the migration article here.

If you have any troubles, please feel free to ask.


I am now receiving the message:

The subscription included in this license allows free upgrades until 07 Mar 2009 but his version of the product was release on 30 Apr 2011. Please renew the subscription or use a previous version of the product.

I did purchase the upgrade and copied the new license to the site. I am not sure what I am doing wrong with this upgrade.

Please advise

I verified the date in my license file



Thanks for your request. I think, this could be because your license file is corrupt. You can send your license to me, and I will check it on my side. Please see the following link to learn how to send the license file.

Best regards,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I downloaded the license file from the email notification and copied it to the site that that indeed took care of the problem.


It is perfect, that you already found the solution. If you need more assistance, I will be glad to help you.

Best regards,