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Upgrading Versions


It has been suggested that I upgrade to the latest version of Aspose Grid several times.

What is required to upgrade from one version to another and how do I find out what the current version I am using is?

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Hi Rod,

If you have already installed the control using its Aspose.Grid.msi installer and you want to use some fix, you should put/replace the Aspose.Grid.Web.dll file to your desired folder i.e.., .....\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Grid\bin\web and other files to the related folder(s) e.g.., ...\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Grid\agw_client folder. Now, in your .net project in vs.net, just add reference to the new Aspoe.Grid.Web.dll and make the control appear in the toolbar and use it.

For further reference, please check the doc topic:


For checking the version number, you may right click on the .dll file and click version tab to get the version or use the following code in a vs.net project:

Sample code:

Assembly a = Assembly.LoadFrom("...Aspose.Grid.Web.dll");
Response.Write("Assembly Version Info: " + a.FullName);
Response.Write("Assembly .NET Runtime info: " + a.ImageRuntimeVersion.ToString());

catch (Exception ee)
Response.Write("Exception occurred: " + ee.Message);

Thank you.