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Urgent - Clone Slide with specific PPT causes server to freeze


I have an application that allows users to build their own PPT from a selection of others. This has been working fine for a few months. However, a new PPT has just been added which is causing the server to hit 99% processor. I have not changed any of the slide cloning functionality but it appears that the call to CloneSlide is causing the problem.

I have checked through this PPT file and there does not appear to be anything particularly different in it from the others.

Are there any known CloneSlide issues to do with PPT format or images within it? This is causing me great problems as the new addition is supposed to be live today.


The most possible is you try to open files created with PowerPoint 2007. They are not supported yet.
At least I didn’t see any similar problems with other presentations.
The same should happen if you just open and save ppt back.

I’m having similar issues with ppt files created in 2007, but saved as 2003 - when thumbnail generation happens, it locks up the CPU. Is there any good way to detect files created with 2007 and stop them from being uploaded, or stop them from being thumbnailed?

There are no ways to detect version of PowerPoint because format of ppt files is not changed.
There are new records in ppt which can’t be parsed correctly are not supported yet.
Please wait, PowerPoint 2007 will be supported very soon.

I’ve got a web application where users can upload and share their powerpoint files.

2007 support is not that crucial to me right now - but what is is that .PPT files (i.e. those made “compatible” with PowerPoint 2003) created with PowerPoint 2007 cause the thumbnail generation function in Aspose.Slides to spike w3wp.exe at 100% when they are viewed online. Stopping the w3wp.exe process by hand is the only way to bring the server back.

If I have no way of detecting which version of Office was used to created a PPT (not a pptx) file, then I’ve got the possibility of time bombs on my server - any innocent user who uploads a PowerPoint 2003 file created in 2007 can bring my server to its knees.

Is there a way you can think around this? I could totally be doing something wrong in generating the thumbnail, but I’m pretty sure we are using the same sample code that was provided, and 2003 .PPT files created in 2003 work fine.

I guess what I need are suggestions: is there a way to say “hey, this process is starting to spin out of control. I’d better stop doing what I’m doing.” from my ASP.NET 2.0 page?

I’m totally patient, and eagerly await your next versions which will eventually deal with Office 2007 files (PPTX), but right now, I’ve got Office 2007 users who are uploading “poison pills” (PPT 2003 compatible, but created in 2007) to my server without even meaning to. This is making the site unviable, and is a total liability for us.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Probably there is some misunderstanding. I mean we will add support for 2007 ppt format soon.
The problem is I had several 2007 betas and RCs but all of them generate little different ppt files.
MS changed format of master slides. So I hope support for that will be added in the next couple of weeks.

Pptx format will be delayed for some time. There is a lot of work to do yet.

Please check our new 2.5.14 hot fix.
It supports PowerPoint 2007 PPT file format.