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Urgent Feedback Required

I am evaluating the Asponse Words to create a Word document dynamically in .NET 1.1 environment. I could not find Samples and Programmers Reference on following features I am trying to achieve in automated word application.

1. Adding OLE objects(attaching .doc, .pdf, .ppt) to Word document.

2. Adding HTML (having Hyper links, various font size's etc.) to Word document.

3. Adding Images with Hyper links/Anchor to bookmark inside the same word Document.

Please advice.



A developer will answer you shortly. I have moved this to the Aspose.Words section.


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words.

Although existing OLE objects are fully preserved in documents, adding new OLE objects is not possible. To create and add OLE objects one needs to execute the host application - that is if you want to insert a PPT OLE object into a Word document, Microsoft Powerpoint is needed and we would need to execute it. Aspose components do not use Automation by design, therefore, it is unlikely that inserting OLE objects will be supported. However, if you describe your use case, why you need to insert OLE objects programmatically, we will give this feature another thought.

To insert HTML fragments you need to use the DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml method. Go to the DocumentBuilder class and select the InsertHtml method in the API Reference

Inserting images with hyperlinks is a new feature that will only be supported in the latest Aspose.Words 4.0 Release going out early next week. At the moment only inserting images without hyperlinks is possible using DocumentBuilder.InsertImage.