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Urgent font problem

I'm hoping you can help us out. This will be our first Aspose.PDF output for a client.

I have attached a font we are having problems with. This font looks like it's being converted to Arial when the PDF is generated.




Dear Crispy,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I tested your code and no error is found. Please make sure the font is correctly installed in your system.

Hello. I've installed and re-install the font a couple of times. I'm not getting any error, just the PDF looks as if the Arial font is being used instead of this font.


<Segment IsTrueTypeFontBold="False" Alignment="Right" FontName="Agfa Rotis Semisans" FontSize="8.25">yyyyyy

The character that is most easiest to see the difference is the 'y'. The y has a loop at the bottom with Arial but not the font I provided. Can you check again for me?



Thanks for considering Aspose.

I 've checked again but still don't find any problems.

The attachment is the result pdf document.

Thanks for the file. Still not the font I'm expecting. It is different then Arial but still has a loop on the 'y' instead of no curve at the bottom of the 'y'.

This is what the font looks like from exporting a PDF from Adobe InDesign 2.0. This is also how the font looks in Excel, but I haven't seen it show up correctly in Aspose.PDF yet.

Any ideas? I'm really confused.

Thanks for looking into it.


I still have not found any problem. And if you click ctrl+D and select "font" you can see the font name is correct. If you still think the font is not correct, can you please provide a screenshot to show the problem?


Now I'm really confused. The font looks incorrect on my laptop with Windows 2000 Professional installed and at my office using Windows XP.

But I the two test files you and Kevin created look correct on my computer at home using Windows ME.

I have attached a screenshot of how the font in the two test pdfs you created look on my Windows 2000 and XP boxes.

Thanks for taking the time to help troubleshoot this problem.


Hi Crispy,

I tested this issue again. When I copy the pdf into another PC without the font installed, it displays just like the screenshot you provided. When I install the font and restart the Adobe Reader it works well. I think maybe some of your customers don't have that font installed since it is not a popular font, so you'd better embed the font like the following:

<Segment FontName="Agfa Rotis Semisans"
FontSize="24" IsFontEmbedded="true">The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890

Then the pdf can be displayed well without the font installed.

Thank you very much for the help

My initial test appears like this will fix the problem for us.