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Urgent! Insert Drawing and Viewer

If I insert a drawing in a ms document I'm unable to view this drawing in your viewer while if I insert a picture in ms document , it appears normally in the aspose.word viewer\

any suggestions?!!


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Aspose.Word.Viewer is still in beta state so its capabilities are limited. Also, that's the reason why we do not provide technical support on it until the final version has been released. Thank you for understanding.

ok then when does the final version is released

The approximate timeframe is the end of 2005 or so.

Ok then please inform me when the final version is released , I'm really keen to use it

thank you

Sure we will, don’t worry.


One more thing related to Viewer

If I insert a MathType font like square root of x , a new line is printed before the square root of x

does this happens because viewer is still a beta or coding has to be done to overcome this problem?

thank you


This definitely happens due to beta state of the viewer - it does not support/handles incorrectly many features like this one. We will consider use of such the fonts in the final release. Thanks for the report.