Urgent Pre-sales query about different versions


Your sales department suggested I make the following post here to get a more technical response…
I am a little bit confused about the differences between the enterprise and professional editions. What is the formula calculation engine and why would I need it? - the product editions page redirects to the api page but there is nothing on it that gives more information about the feature. Does it mean that the professional version does not support using formulas in cells?




Please check http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Excel/FormulaCalculationEngine.html.

Profession edition supports formula. You can set formulas in cells without any problem.

Formula calculation engine is used to calcuate the result in a cell. If you use Cell.Formula to set a formula to a cell, Aspose.Excel just parses it and writes it to file. When you open the generate file in MS Excel, MS Excel will calculate it automatically.

For example, you put 1 in cell A1, 2 in cell A2, and “=A1+A2” formula in cell A3. Aspose.Excel Professional can create a file including these values without any problem.
However, if you want to know the result value of cell A3 at run time, you should call Excel.CalculateFormula method.

Generally I think Professional can serve your need if you just want to put formulas to cells.


Thanks very much for that.