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Use Aspose.PDF for .NET in Linux - ArgumentNullException - Value cannot be null

I am going to make a public news to explain how Aspose supports their clients who bot their product. We came to you in February. Now it is June just in case. We bought Aspose to migrate to .NET core and I am shocked to get answers like that. Even I like your product I will try to explain everyone that it does not make sense to buy it because you are not worry about issues inside your code.


First of all, please accept our humble apology for the inconvenience you have been facing due to this ticket. We would like to share some insight on how issues are resolved. Please note that we resolve each and every reported/logged issue. However, they are resolved on basis of the first come first serve in the free support model, unlike paid support option where issues are handled and dealt with the high priority.

Moreover, the resolution time of an issue depends upon the number of issues logged prior to it as well as the nature of the issue that how complex it is. Sometimes, issues in the free support model are resolved sooner than the expected resolution time due to other related tasks which use to be under investigation process already.

Regarding the specific issue that is logged here, it is related to a specific PDF document under a specific environment. Please note that most of the issues under Linux or Non-Windows Environment are due to missing fonts (missing msttcorefonts package) and libgdiplus package. We are already investigating this issue and intend to complete it in the 21.7 version of the API.

Nevertheless, your concerns have been recorded and we will surely try to share some definite updates with you soon. Please also share if you are facing some other issues as well apart from the one mentioned above?

We again humbly apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

We look forward to get 21.7 ASAP. Thanks


Please note that we intend to complete the investigation in 21.7 version of the API. We cannot promise that the fix will be included in this version as well. However, we will be in a position to share reliable ETA once the investigation is complete. At the moment, we are finalizing 21.6 version of the API and will let you know as soon as analysis of the earlier logged ticket is done.