Use Aspose.Slides for data-enabled slide-shows?

Can I use Aspose.Slides to pull SQL 2005 data into a custom-designed slide show and keep the animation?

We have a custom .ppt pres that uses imported data from our SQL server 2005 application. Currently, we use custom VB code to pull customer data and insert the data into specific locations on slides within the slide show, with animation. Looks like Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services might replace what we use now (which is v. hard to maintain).

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Dear jminiati,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides for RS.

Yes, Aspose.Slides for RS can be used to replace your existing application. What you need is to design your report in Visual Studio (an RDL file) and then export it to PPT file via reporting services of SQL server 2005, which will internally use Aspose.Slides for RS to render your report (RDL) as PowerPoint presentation.

Regarding animation, I will let you know after confirmation.

Thanks. Looking forward to hearing back from you on if we can maintain (or re-create) .ppt animations, which would fit our needs ideally.

Dear jminiati,

RDL (Report Definition Language) doesn’t support animations so they can’t be created and exported to a presentation.