Use existing word



I am new to using this comonent and was wonder will Aspose Word allow me to use an existing Word Document via ASP.Net. For example I have a complicated Word Document from a customer which has variouse fields and Check Box's, can I use thie document to be populated via ASP.Net withou having to recreate the Word Document programatiocally. Do I just need to give each label and chackbox a tag and then refrence this tag in my ASP.Net app?




Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Not only it is surely possible but also is one of the primary Aspose.Word usage scenarios. You can use your own prepared template with a number of special fields named merge fields which are populated by Aspose.Word using data from some data source. Additionally, you can insert any elements and populate any fields by implementing your custom code which is executed when a merge field is encountered by the mail merge engine. To know more about these features, please refer to the Performing Mail Merge section of our Programmers Guide: