Use Latest Version of MS Gothic Font to Render 泠 Character in Word Document to PDF | Java

Hi Aspose support,
Our customer met an issue when using MS Gothic font to generating PDF files. The attachend are examples.
The INV00061900_A00036734_08202021_template.doc is the template file.INV00061900_A00036734_08202021.doc is the word file after mail merge. The content in it looks good.
INV00061900_A00036734_08202021.pdf is converted from INV00061900_A00036734_08202021.doc, then we can see the “泠泠泠泠泠泠” is missing from the second line.
The aspose.words we are using is 15.2.0. The har file is attached either.
Could you please investigate what is wrong with this word “泠”

Tony Shen


Please upgrade to the latest (21.8) version of Aspose.Words for Java and see how it goes on your end? In case the problem still remains, then please compress the following resources into ZIP format and attach the .zip file here for testing:

  • Your simplified template Word document
  • Aspose.Words 21.8 generated DOC file showing the desired output
  • Aspose.Words 21.8 generated PDF file showing the undesired behavior
  • MS Gothic font file
  • Please also create a standalone simplified Java Application (source code without compilation errors) that helps us to reproduce this issue on our end and attach it here for testing. Please do not include Aspose.Words JAR files in it to reduce the ZIP file size.

As soon as you get these pieces of information ready, we will then start investigation into your issue and provide you more information.

Hi Awais,
Thanks for your quick response.
I failed to upload the attachment. I uploaded it again without the jar file. You can have a look first. I will test locally either.
uploaded (42.7 KB)
Tony Shen


In this case, the following fonts are required for the proper rendering to PDF format:

  • Angsana New
  • Microsoft GothicNeo
  • MS Gothic
  • SimSun
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman

In case the problem still remains. then please also provide the following font file here for further testing on our end:

  • Microsoft GothicNeo

Hi Awais
We don’t have Microsoft GothicNeo, we only have MS Gothic as attached. Could you take a look why it doesn’t work when converting the word doc to pdf? (2.2 MB)

Tony Shen


Please also try installing the 'Arial Unicode MS’ font file on your machine where you are getting this problem. You may download it from following link:

Do you see any Fonts related warning messages during converting INV00061902_A00036734_08122021 to PDF?

Please also provide Aspose.Words 21.8 generated PDF file showing the undesired behavior here for further testing on our end.

Hi Awais,

Even with the latest Aspose.words, the word ‘泠’ can’t be rendered. I attached my test application. In the sample template, we only use MS Gothic. You can find the template file, generated PDF file, and font file in the zip.
I didn’t see any errors during generating the PDF, and the pdf is generated with the latest Aspose.words.
Could you please trouble shoot further? Is it an issue of Aspose.words?

Tony (2.3 MB)


The version of “MS Gothic” font that you shared is very old. I have attached the new 5.32 version of this font; please let us know if the new version of this font works on your machine?


Yes, the latest Gothic font works well for ‘泠’.

Thank you very much.

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