User Interfaces with Aspose.Tasks


We're considering purchasing Aspose.Tasks for our next project. We have a very tight deadline to meet and this .Net assembly appears it will save us from writing code to read/write the mpp file(s). The next big part of the project is the User Interface. The business requirement calls for us to allow the user to change start / end times of tasks. Of course, this would impact other tasks. Has anyone used or recommend a way (other than Microsoft Project) to present the data provided by Aspose.Tasks in a way the user can expand / collapse and manipulate start / end times of task? We plan on writing this in ASP.NET 2.0 (it must be web-enabled) but if there's already a solution out there we'd certainly consider it. Anybody been down this road already?

Thanks in advance,
Wayne Larimore


Dear Wayne,

Aspose.Tasks can read all MS Project formats but can’t write MPP files.
You have to save changed project files in mpx or xml format.