Users to use MS Word to create documents


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<oStick out tongue> </oStick out tongue>I am a development manager for a company ... Currently we are re-writing some of our application using ASP.Net and have to produce various letters for printing as part of this. Our current solution uses MS Word, but as you are aware this is not an ideal solution for doing server side mail merge and printing. I am interested in your product as a solution. Could you tell me if it is possible for the users to create documents (including merge fields) in Word and then for Aspose Word to be used for the merging etc. I ask this as our customers use MS Word on all their clients and would be reluctant to change.<oStick out tongue></oStick out tongue>

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Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

What you request is exactly what Aspose.Word was designed for. Open documents created in MS Word, mail merge into them or modify them and save.

We always promote using MS Word as a visual designer for reports and documents. It has an added benefit that even end users can design reports easily.