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Using ASPOSE.Cells in ASP pages

Received : 2007/09/13 03:48:55
Message : I will be using ASPOSE.Cells to replace Excel Writer features in my application.
I have no idea of working with dll's in ASP pages. I need to get information and steps for using ASPOSE.Cells in ASP pages i.e. instructions from Installation of ASPOSE on my server to including it in my code. If possible please give me code examples we use to add ASPOSE.Cells in ASP pages.
Also, please note that I have a License for ASPOSE.Total.

Please respond as soon as possible. As this is very urgent for me.


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Thanks for considering Aspose.

Please check for your ref:

When you install Aspose.Cells component using its MSI installer, the component automatically gets registered into the windows registery on your system. You don't need to do with the Aspose.Cells .dll. You may create .asp pages, write code related the Aspose.Cells APIs for your need. Attached is an .asp file "sample.asp", to run it just put it in the ....\Inetpub\wwwroot\ folder, open the browser IE and write http://localhost/sample.asp

For setting license, you may set using vbscript in your .asp file.

set lic = Server.CreateObject("Aspose.Cells.License")

lic.SetLicense( filename )

Thank you.