Using Aspose.Grid.Web with Visual Studio 2005 web project



We have been using aspose products for awhile, and recently, upgraded our projects to VS 2005. One of the modules in our application uses Aspose.Grid.Web - The problem is that now it is not responding to ANY event. It doesn't even attempt to post back.

As a test, I created an entire new project, put only a Aspose.Grid.Web object on it, and ran it. While it renders correctly, with "Sheet 1", and the "Evaluation Copy" tabs, I can click on nothing. Clicking on the cells have no effect, clicking on the sheets does not raise an event.

Is there something fundamental i am missing here?

Tim Trahan
Lead Devloper
Operations Audit Team
Hilton Hotels Corp.


Hi Tim,

Please check .


Hi Tim,

The control only support "HTTP" mode website in visula studio 2005.