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Using Aspose.pdf.kit

Dear Reader,

We’re using aspose.pdf.kit now to insert an existing pdf-document into a dynamically created one.
The only thing is that the dynamically created one has to be saved first, in orther to combine this one with the existing one. It would make sense to make teh Aspose.pdf.kit able to work with the Aspose.pdf.pdf instead of using file-strings for combining files. In that way the Dynamically created one, can remain an object and a new object, for instance an aspose.pdf.section (which contains the existing file), can be inserted, without having to save first.

Furthermore, this would enable the use of headers and footers in both documents.

It would also be very nice if the properties are written out properly, so when for instance inserting a document into another, using aspose.pdf.kit.fileEditor, it is clear what to put where. Now only something like “+gdhjdGGhjds455 As String” is shown.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Thanks for your advise. We will soon modufy the API as you suggested.