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Using Aspose to render an Html Blob as a bitmap

Please help, new to Aspose programming in C#:

I have a block of html that is larger than a single 'printed' page and I would like to use Aspose to convert it to a bitmap. However when I load the html into an Aspose document and save in .bmp format Aspose only renders the first page.

Does anybody have any thoughts on how I might render more than one page-full of information as a single continuous bitmap?


If not then I had the thought - as painful as it sounds - of paginating the large html blob and saving each page of the document as a bitmap and then taking the collection of bitmap pages and combining them into one large (aka tall) bitmap. Does this seem like an idea that might work? If I need to go to this extreme I have a few questions:

1) How do I know where a page break has occurred? - I've been reading that this is not at all easy in Aspose...

2) Would a 'hack' algorithm like this work?:

a) Add a footer to the page layout definition

b) load the html into the document

c) iterate ChildNode(AnyType) and collect the nodes until I hit a footer node

c) create a new document and insert the collected nodes into the new document; aka construct a single page

d) save the single page as a bitmap

e) repeat for all pages in the 'tall html' document

f) combine the page bitmaps into a single tall bitmap


Hi Richard,

Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for the delayed response. I am working over your query and will get back to you soon.

Best Regards,

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your patience. One of the simple approaches you could use is a conversion to a multipage TIFF file instead of a tall BMP. Please read the following article for more details:

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