Using aspose word for reporting


Hello people at Aspose. Impressive products at first view.

we just started to develop a huge database application.
We are evaluating aspose.word as alternative for MS Word to create large reports.
First question.
We’re wondering if we can create with MS Word a fully formatted one page document template file (.doc) which contains headers, footers and a table with 2 rows and a lot of collumns each with their word merge fields. The 2 rows are in alternating background color.

Can we use aspose.word use this “template” to insert say 1000 alternating background coloured rows in the predefined table and merge the fields in the cells with data from a (SQL originated) dataset and then save the doc file under a new name.

Second question, can we read de word 2003 XML file format with aspose.word and can we save in the word xml format.

Third question.
In each of the demo’s we see garbage characters here and there. Any clues why this happpens. And why are the pictures disapearing after they haven been showed once and you scroll to the next page. The concerning PC has Office 2003 sp1 installed in International English.

thank you for your answer

Jan Roose


Hi Jan,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

You can either populate a document with data using Document.MailMerge or insert formatted content using DocumentBuilder or a combination of both.

In your case, if you want to insert table rows, you could use a repeatable mail merge region (see the Invoice example). It could be trickier (unless we come up with and add new feature) to apply alternating background for the cell using this approach. Maybe you should just build the table inside the document programmatically using DocumentBuilder. I mean create a template that contains everything except the able, maybe contains table header. Then move to the place you want in the document using DocumentBuilder, loop through all rows in your data table and create table cells and rows using DocumentBuilder.

Word 2003 XML is not yet supported, but it will be in the future.

Garbage characters are part of the evaluation mode watermark.

Please email me the original document that contains images to and we will check why they disappear after scrolling.