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Using Aspose.Word to manipulate an existing word document


I am evaluating Aspose.word at the moment and am wondered whether they following would be possible.

Can I use an existing word document and use this as a template to build a report using the documentBuilder to manipulate this template.

Say for example I have a word document that conatins the following:-


We are writing to you NAME to tell you about OUR_PRODUCT. For more info on our OUR_PRODUCT please do something.

Could I then use aspose.word to open this file and hunt down all instances of NAME in the template and replace with Joe Bloggs, and then replace all instances of OUR_PRODUCT with Acme Ltd

Then using Document Save to save the new personalised document?

I am also guessing that I could use Aspose Cells to generate graphs and charts which I could then insert into my report.

Any information would be greatly appeciated.




Thanks for your request. Sure you can achieve this. You can use Range.Replace method to replace placeholders with values:

But, I think, you should better use Mail Merge feature:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,