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Using Excel.Save to save on specific location on client machine

Have been using the Aspose.Excel for a while now - great product! My question is using a web form and the Excel.Save meathod is there any way to point to certain location on the client machine?

The scenario we are trying to solve is we need to export say 10 excel files and would like to be able to ask user once where on their machine to save them and then do all 10 at once.


Hi Russ,

Aspose.Excel is a dotnet component and runs in webserver side in a web form application. It cannot directly access client machine.

For your case, I think you can use a zip component to zip all these 10 Excel file created by Aspose.Excel. Then you can send this zip file to client browser.

That was the direction I was thinking of going; just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything!