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Using Filter with criterias

Dear Aspose Team,

I've a table excel with 2 columns:

Column1 Column2

Data1 R1C2

Data2 R2C2

Data3 R3C2

I want to see the rows with this criterias: Column2 contains R?C2.

I'm using this code:

src.AutoFilter.SetRange(0, 0, 1)

src.AutoFilter.Filter(2, "R?C2")

But, it will return no lines.

How do i write my criteria with aspose ?



Hi Angélique,

Well, Custom filterization using wildcards like '?' is not supported, we will look into it to support it soon.

Thank you.

Hi Angélique,

Please try the new version

And please set the custion filer as the following codes :

sheet.AutoFilter.Custom(1,FilterOperatorType.Equal, "R?C2");

It's great.