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Using in a web application


I am just wondering if it would be possible to use Aspose word in this fashion:

We have a clob/blob field in a oracle database, storing word docs. We retreive the object using .net or asp or some fashion on the web. Then using apose.word to display these word documents, in a large group. (for example 10 word documents in a row.)



Hi Den,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Could you please explain in what way you are going to display the documents? The point is that Aspose.Word viewing/printing features are not possible yet, they will be implemented later. Or maybe you need to convert the documents into HTML and compose a page?

Well if we can generate a report to format the word blob’s into HTML report then that would work as well. We are just looking at options right now as each word document has to be individually printed and sometimes there are several hundred of them


Aspose.Word is able to save Word documents as HTML so you can use it for the conversion. Please see more information about the Aspose.Word converters here:

Also, you can simply download the evaluation version of Aspose.Word and see if it suits you in practice. Visit our download page here: