Valid Input for Date Time and related Output



I need the user to be able to enter a date into a cell in a free format as Excel does(i.e 08/23/2006 or 08-23-2006 or 2006-08-23 etc.) and it should be reformated as Aug-06 or Aug-2006 either automatically or by pressing the submit button to recalculate.

I tried to use the NumberType.Date4 but it seems to work only if the user enters yyy-mm-dd.

All other input are not formatted.

Couls you please help me?

I' m using the nearest version of Grid with the Total licence




I solved by myself.

I found the CreateValidation and ValidationType usage (either RegEx or Date) for the cell and the Client Side Scripting.

I m going to use them.





Thank you for considering this product.

Yes, you can do a lot of things with the ValidationType.CustomFunction and the client side scripting. Good luck.