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Validations errors (Aspose Cells for JAVA)


We are having an issue when saving validations: workbook method sortNames() shifts position of validation lists.

Including three files:
1. “original file.xls”
- Workbook with a couple of validations.

2. “saved with sortNames.xls”
- The file we get if we call sortNames before saving “original file.xls” with Aspose.
In this file the validation lists in cells C4 and C6 has switched places.

3. “saved without sortNames.xls”
- The file we get if we do not call sortNames before saving “original file.xls” with Aspose.
This file is ok.

Another issue:
Earlier we could use Aspose to overwrite old validations with new validations.
If we now add a validation into a cell where there already is a validation,
the new validation is ignored without any warnings or errors being issued.

Thanks for looking into this.

Best regards,
Ulf Ekström

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for providing us details with template files.

Yes, after an initial test implementing your scenario, we found the issue as you have described, we will figure it out soon.

Thank you.

Hi Ulf,

For the issue of Validations' reference, we have fixed it, please try this attached version.

For the newly added Validation covering existed one, currently we do not check it and just write out all Validations user defined, you have to check it by yourself if needed. And we will look into it and try to support this feature in our later versions, thank you.

Thank you for the quick solution.

Best regards,

Hi again,

It would be really great if you could support the suggested feature in your next release.