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'Value cannot be null' when saving as text

My code is pretty simple (same as before)…

objStream = File.OpenRead(ImportPath + NewFile.Name)
ReDim arrFile(objStream.Length)
objStream.Read(arrFile, 0, FileLen)

Dim AWord As New Aspose.Word.Word
Dim inDoc As Aspose.Word.Document
Dim licenseFile As String = Application.StartupPath + “\Aspose.Word.lic”
inDoc = AWord.Open(objStream)
inDoc.Save(ImportPath + “Filename.txt”, SaveFormat.FormatText)
Catch ex As Exception
fError.WriteLine(NewFile.Name + ": " + ex.message)
GoTo SkipIt
End Try

I’m getting an exception on the AWord.Open(objStream) line that says,

Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: input

Anything I can do about this? Should I send you the file? This one is happening on 3 different files.

Yes, please send me the file. I will address it promptly.

Hi Michael,

This error was caused by the fact that your documents are Word96 format or earlier which is not yet supported by Aspose.Word. We support Word97 and upwards at the moment. I fixed the error message in hotfix 1.1.7.

Let me know if you can workaround this problem by opening your files in Word97 or later and saving them in newer format. If that is not appropriate let me know how critical is for you to support these files.

We plan to support Word96 files eventually, but that was not on top of our priority list so far.

This isn’t that common so a more descriptive error message is fine. thanks for the quick response.