(VB.NET) Pipe delimited arguments for SetPrivilege()


I'm having trouble using the SetPrivilege() method in VB.Net. I want to specify multiple privileges, but the pipe-delimited arguments syntax doesn't even appear to be legal VB.

The example code from your online documentation is as follows:

[Visual Basic]
Dim fileSecurity As PdfFileSecurity = New PdfFileSecurity(inFile,outFile)

But this syntax will not even compile! Also, while you're addressing this, I'd also ask/recommend that you make the documentation for this method a little more comprehensive; in my opinion, its behavior is far from intuitive.



Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit

I will test ASAP.


Sorry for the syntax mistake in the kit documentation, the β€˜|’ should be β€˜Or’ in Visual Basic, we will correct it in next release.
SetPrivilege() specifies which access permissions should be granted when is opened with user access, the permissions include printing,modifying,extracting content,filling forms, etc.


sthomas is right, your documentation needs more detail. What are the default privileges??


We will modify our document to make it more detailed. The default privilege is "all allowed".