Ver 2.8.2 compatibility mode not working


Hello Laurence, I was using v 2.6.1 and upgraded latest hot fix 2.8.2 and I stumbled on the SetLicense issues and the Save as stream issue. These were supposed to be just warnings so I built the project and ran again.

My program runs with no exceptions but when I open the Excel output file, I now get the following error in MS-Excel 2000,

“unable to read file” (dialog) and all my data is missing.

I’m not sure if this is due to a bug in the licensing scheme or the save method in compatibility mode (the mode that allows us to run unchanged for a year ?)…

If you want me to test that is just was not a bug introduced since 2.6, please send me the .dll of the 2.8 .DLL just before the fix to the new licensing scheme, then at least I can test and confirm its not a bug pre 2.8.0.

Or please give me an idea what to do. I have requested a new license file from you - so maybe that will work but it should have run in what I call compatibility mode.



Hi Marty,

Would you please send me your generated file? I will check it ASAP.


And if possible, please also send your designer file and sample code to

Thank you very much.


Dear Marty,

I fixed it in v2.8.3. Please download it at