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Verify that presentation doesn't contain unsupported embedded objects

I recently ran into a problem where a presentation made with the MacOS version of Powerpoint contained an image of type Mac PICT. This caused CloneSlide to throw the exception “Parameter is not valid” (because .NET does not support the Mac PICT file format). My question is this. Is there any way to iterate through all slides in a presentation to determine whether the presentation contains any embedded objects such as images that are not supported?

I’ve tried going through all the Shapes in Visual Studio’s debugger, trying to find the Shape that contains the Mac PICT image, but I can’t seem to find it. What should I look for?

If not, would it at least be possible to have Aspose.Slides throw a more descriptive exception when it encounters an object it doesn’t support? “Parameter is not valid” doesn’t say a lot about what the hell happened :slight_smile:


Aspose.Slides for Java can skip PICT images and clone such slides without any problems.
We will add the same workaround to the .Net version.

Ok. Great. When can we expect a hotfix for this?

I think on the next week.