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Version and license

A few things,
I am currently using the dll for excel, what is the latest version and can I upgrade, if so how?

Also I am trying to deploy my application on a computer other than the one it was developed on and am getting the following message:

This file is created with Aspose.Excel for evaluation only with an Evaluation License.
It is strictly prohibited from using it in the production of any software.
Any violation of this provision shall require a mandatory purchase of pay license
as well as expose the user to other legal recourse for collection and punitive damages.

I remember I had this problem a few years ago and forgot to write down in my notes how I deployed. I have a valid license, please provide direction.


Bob Modrich

Hi Bob,

The latest version of Aspose.Excel is v3.3.3. You can download it at

Our license model changed since the start of this year. So if you want to use the new dll, please contact our sales team to upgrade your license file.

And please check for how to license the component in the new license model.

Is there a cost for me to upgrade the the latest version?
Is this version certified for vs2005?

The new version will work with VS2005.

For other upgrade issue, our sales team will support you soon.

Dear Bob,

It’s free to get your new license. Please follow to get it.

I am confused regarding my new license, I thought I followed the instructions but am getting errors in my project. Please see attached file. I downloaded new dll and license file and added to by project in my bin folder, please advise.
Bob Modrich

Hi Bob,

It seems that you still use the old version. Please right click Aspose.Excel in “References” of your project. And in the property window, you can see its version.

It says, why did a prior email from you say, The latest version of Aspose.Excel is v3.3.3

Please check my screenshot and it works fine. Please try to rebuild your project and see what happens.

I released v3.4 yesterday.

Can't rebuild due to fatal erros per screen shot I sent you.
When I downloaded license file it showed "Aspose[1].Excel.lic"

In my bin file I have the following files:
Aspose.Excel.dll - version 3.4

Do I need anything else. I seem to remember and I was reading that I need to develop with one license and deploy with another? is this correct, with the new scheme? Pardon me with my questions it has been a few years since I worked with this program.

Dim license As Aspose.Excel.License = New Aspose.Excel.License

Why would the above line of code give me the error message
Type 'Aspose.Excel.License' is not defined

I am thinking I need to zip my project and attach it?

Do you remove the reference in your project and re-add reference to the new dll? Please following this screenshot to check the version.

If you find the version is correct but it still fails.Could you please create a simple test project and see if it works? If not, could you please post that project here?

Test project attached

In your code:

Module Main
Dim license As Aspose.Excel.License = New Aspose.Excel.License

Public excel As New excel

Public Range As Range
Public sheets As Worksheets = Excel.Worksheets
Public SheetNo As Integer = 0
Public cells As cells = excel.Worksheets(0).Cells

End Module

You cannot put this line of code in a module. Please put it in a function.


Ok that worked, this must be new because I had been running a project with license info in a module for 2 years.

Also could you address my question on development license and deployment license. I seem to recall something I will need to copy to a deployment machine, but can’t remember

Here is what I received a few years ago that I was addressing, could you comment on how it applies with your new license scheme.

Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 7:28 PM
Subject: Windows Development License File for Order ID 040223101611

Importance: High

Dear Robert Modrich,

Thanks for your consideration.


Please check the attachment for the license file. The licensing info used to create the license file is shown below.

Owner Name: Bob Modrich
Organization Name: blank

The license file works as the development license only for the development machine mentioned above to develop any Windows applications. If you didn’t create the deployment license for your order please check then choose Deployment at the License Type option when you choose License at the Action option.

Please always use the development license file to build your applications, not the deployment license file. As the license file is independent on your applications, when you deploy your applications, you don’t need to build your applications with the deployment license file. Instead, just replace the development license file with the deployment license file at the deployment machine if your applications can locate the license file correctly both in your development machine and deployment machine.

To use the license file, please choose any of the following methods:

The license file is created based on the licensing info above so if it does not work please double check if the licensing info is correct. Another possible reason for licensing failure is you’re not using the latest version. In this case please check to get the latest hot fix.

If your licensing info changes later please quote the Order ID 040223101611 to request a renewed license file. For later reference, your order details are shown below:

Product: Aspose.Excel
Limitation: Limited
Edition: Professional
Platform: Windows
Development Machine: One
Deployment Windows Machine: External
Deployment Windows Application: Multiple
Discount: Not Applicable
Price(USD): 1306
Rate: 1.29
Price(AUD): 1685


Ben Li
Aspose - The .Net Component Publisher

Please check
for reference.

Now there is only one license file needed. We did so in order to make the use of our components and deployment of our components much more hassle free. However, it is important to note that you must have an updated version of the component in order to use the new license file. The older versions of the components do not support the newer license files.

In previous version, Excel.SetLicense is a static method and now License.SetLicense method is an instance method. I think that makes the difference.

Thanks for all your support, I will try deploying on another machine this Thursday.
Bob Modrich