Vertical Text in textbox and pdf conversion


I'm trying to create a page with a side vertical margin caption. [See attachment]. The document eventually has to be rendered to pdf.

I've tried using a text box with vertically aligned text and placed the textbox in the header, but when this is converted to pdf, either the text is rendered horizontal and the box is resized to fit the text. Ideally I want to populate the textbox with a merge field but I could live with static text.

If I convert the textbox to a frame, then pdf conversion makes the entire box horizontal.

Is there a way I can accomplish vertical text on the left margin of each page?

If the this also involves Aspose.pdf problems please cc them.




Since the features spreadsheet at states that table cell text direction is not supported, I suppose that vertical text direction in text boxes is not supported either.

In the interim I'm using a less elegant solution of placing the vertical text in a watermark image file.

If support for vertical text is imminent, or if there's a better solution, please let me know.




We will to discuss this with Aspose.Pdf team and let you know.


We have planed to support this feature but I'm afraid it can't be available in 2 months. Sorry for the inconvenience.