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Very large Word documents


I use Aspose.Word to automatically create letters using merge fields. It works great, except I would like to be able to create a mail-shot that has 2 or 3 thousand pages in it. This isn't so great because the resulting document is massive and takes along time for the user to download. Is there any method for using aspose to download the template and the data and perform the merge on the client?



You probably can build a thick-client application that will do this, but in this case the licensed copy of Aspose.Words library should be present locally on client's site. Which means the client should purchase a licensed copy of Aspose.Words or you can purchase an OEM version of the component and then supply your clients with licensed copies of Aspose.Words library.

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Guess I’ll be buying Aspose.PDF and using pdfs rather than docs then Smile [:)]

Sorry, I don't understand how can Aspose.Pdf help you in this task. Maybe I have missed something. In this case please give me some more explanations on your problem - I am willing to assist you on this matter but don't how yet.

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