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Very slow execution


One of our clients have just updated their servers and as a result all the aspose componets now take at least 15 seconds to load.

The software they work in is a ASP solution. Its effecting all aspose components - excel,word,pdf etc

Usually the first time you load the component it takes a few seconds to load into the memory but this is now happening everytime you use the component...

Any ideas?


I think this problem is caused by his windows upgrade. Has he installed all windows patches? I think this issue may occur on all .NET components.

Its the most up to date...

It has .net framework 2.0 on it...

Also its slowly crashing the server - w3wp.exe - the IIS application pool keeps growing as more users access the aspose components...

Could you try to write a simple ASPNET application to see if this problem still occurs?

We rebuild our demos application under .NET2.0 and don't find the problem. Maybe it's a problem of .NET2.0 to work with ASP?


There is problem here - when we unistalled net 2.0 framework it stopped causing a problem...

Auto updates reinstalled 2.0 framework and problem started again.


Dear Alastair,

Could you please post a simple sample project here? I didn't find any problem in my place.

And please try to build your application under .NET 2.0, not in v1.1.


After lots of investigating and playing it appears its the server that is at fault as we have loaded .net frameowrk 2.0 on other servers and it works fine... The problem is with this server.

We have tried loads of ways to stop it but am now stuck...

Any ideas? Anti virus? etc

Windows is update - something to do with IIS pools?



Frankly speaking I have no ideas for this problem. It must be related to some configuration settings. Please check the difference amony this server and other servers.

Is it possible to re-install a .net 1.1 environment in this server and deploy their asp application on v1.1?