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Very Slow Performance


We have just bought a licence of .NET Total and are working with your PDF component to fulfil our first requirement.

This involves re-writing some existing code which was previously using a component called DynamicPDF from ceTe software.

The code opens a relatively simple, 1 page PDF, adds about 20 elements of text to the page, then saves the PDF.

This is taking over 20 seconds!! When we were using DynamicPDF the process was virtually instant!

Can you let me know what might be going on here, please? I can’t believe your component could possibly be that inefficient!

- Chris

Hi Chris,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Pdf.

Please share your sample code (.NET application) with any template file you are using to show the issue. We will definitely look into it and will try to optimize the performance in case of any issue. Also, please share the details of your system environment i.e. OS, Processor Speed, RAM, Visual Studio version and .NET Framework.

Thank You & Best Regards,