Video frames and cloning slides



If I clone a slide from a presentation where the slide has a VideoFrame shape object, the VideoFrame is changed to be a PictureFrame in the new slide. When modifying the properties of a VideoFrame within an existing presentation however, the VideoFrame property is not lost. The problem only appears to be with cloning and the issue is also applicable with AudioFrames.

Is this a bug in the cloning behaviour? I also see that there have been several previous posts with a similar issue for which there doesn’t appear to be a fix in place.

I'm using v2.5.3.0 of the Aspose.Slides DLL.


Allan Ashton.


Dear Allan,

I’d not suggest using any 2.5.1 - 2.5.6 version. They are experimental and buggy enough.
Please use 2.5.7 or 2.5.8. I will check both your problems and post results in the forum.


That is not a bug. Cloning slides with AudioFrames and VideoFrames simply not implemented yet.
And that is correct, they always should be converted to a PictureFrame.

If it’s critical for your project we can try to implement it in short time.
We couldn’t implement it in the past but now it is not very difficult.


Please could you implement this as a matter of urgency!!! This functionality is a core requirement of our project and we need to implement this ASAP given that our deadline for delivery is only 2 weeks away.

To be honest, we were led to believe that the ability to do this was given using Aspose and we purchased the product on the strength of this.

Whilst in the process of fixing this, please can you also address the issue of not being able to set the 'Auto-play' property via AmimationSettings. Please see my earlier post -

Please can you advise when these features will be implemented so we may download the latest version?



I think 3-5 days will be enough to implement it.
Also I will check Auto-play property.


Thank you.

Please would you keep us posted regarding availability of this fix? Regarding the 'auto-play' issue, this problem appears to be symptomatic of Aspose not handling Custom Animation on Multi media. We require the ability to be able to auto-play videos and to auto-play and fade out audio clips as we are able to do in MicroSoft PowerPoint.



Sure, I will keep you posted. I’m working with it just now.
It will be ready as soon as possible.


Dear Allan,

Please check our new 2.5.9 hot fix. There are new types of audio and video clips supported and also
AudioFrame and VideoFrame can be cloned correctly on slide cloning. Auto play should work.

It looks like to add AutoPlay property to a new created Audio/Video clip you should set AdvanceMode property to AdvanceOnTime and set correct order of play.


This is a big help, thankyou for resolving this. The latest 2.5.9 hot fix has resolved the issue and we are now able to clone Slides containing Video Frames.

However, we still appear to have an issue with the auto-play and custom animation settings in general: When cloning a Slide with a Video Frame that is set to play automatically, upon viewing the Slide, this property is lost in the Cloning operation and the only way of startng the Video in presentation mode is by clicking on the Video Frame placeholder.

Again, this is appears to be symptomaic of the whole are of custom animation in general as many of the custom animation objects belonging to other objects are also lost.

Is this just another case of missing functionality? If not, do you require any PowerPoint containing examples of this or code samples, we are using, in order for you to diagnose this issue?

Thanks, Allan.


The examples with auto-play problem would be great because I clone slides with video and auto-play works after cloning.

About animation settings. Aspose.Slides supports only PowerPoint 2000 animations.
XP and 2003 offices have many new animation styles which can’t be implemented yet.
Probably it will be implemented for PowerPoint 2005 pptx (xml) file format.