View- edit and save from a web browser



I would like to know if your Aspose power point, word and exel can be edited and saved from a web browser.

I need to have these applications on a server where people that see my portal can access to aspose word, exel or power point to do texts, calculations or presentations without having microsoft office on their computers. Only access the portal through a browser. All the data they do would be saved on the server and accessed later through the portal getting data from the server.

thank you and best regards,

Cristina Larrea


Dear Cristina,

Sorry it was ignored for so long time as you posted it as a prviate message.

As your questions are invovled with several products, if you still need help, please post them in each product forum. Then we will try to help you very soon.

Thanks for being patient.


Now we provide Aspose.Excel.Web. It's a Excel-like web control to enable view, edit and save spreadsheets from a web browser.