Viewers/editors for Office documents


Gary: Just a request…we would really love aspose if you could add the functionality of viewing MS office word excel powerpoint as a component within Aspose word, Aspose Excel, Aspose Powerpoint. Any plans to do that soon? you can relay me message to Ben Li. this is ben li
Gary: ok. so you’re the man.
Gary: we love your tool but we have the free viewers by MS
Gary: sorry typo error…We hate MS viewers this is the first viewer/editor why hate ms viewers? look at this
Gary: We can’t control it in our winform/web form


I had talked with Gary for a while. What he need is to load files in database and display them for his users in his own way. So I think Aspose.Excel.Web and Aspose.Excel.Windows are his expected controls.


Aspose.PowerPoint can work as an MS PowerPoint viewer for a long time.
Web forms demo is available.


Ok..I'll be as direct as possible.

What we need right now is a component to be able to view Excel and Powerpoint files without launching their native application or utilizing MS free viewers.

Tell me what we have to buy from you to achieve this goal in our windows forms?

We only want to view...nothing else..

We tried aspose.excel . web and it is works but only in web forms or ASP.NET. We like to be able to view in a windows forms too.

We have not seen tried aspose powerpoint yet.


Aspose.Excel.Windows is planned to be released on July.


Hi Alexey Zhilin,

could you please send me the sample code as in your demo how Aspose Powerpoint could display MS powerpoint files without launching MS powerpoint or it’s viewer?


Dear Gary,

You can find PptBrowser demo in Aspose.PowerPoint installation (Demos\Webforms\PptBrowser folder).

It uses Slide.GetThumbnail function to get full size slide image which can be used in both Webforms or Windows applications.


By copy to lawrence…when will you add support of formulas to Aspose.excel.web? Also will Aspose.Excel.Windows be a separate product or will it be part of Aspose.Excel?

the problem is we are at a crossroad now in deciding which one to go for. As far as Aspose.Powerpoint that’s settle as it can supposedly work for Windows and Webfoms but for Excel files…if we buy Aspose.Excel.Web we can only display Excel files as no formulas is supported…unless of course you tell me that you can add this feature as part of our purchase…but then again it can only work on ASP.NET. so if we are developing on a windows we have to buy Aspose.Excel.Windows separately??

Help me out…


Hi Gary,

1. Aspose.Excel.Web will support formulas before the mid of June. Aspose.Excel.Windows is planned to release on July.

2. Aspose.Excel.Windows is a separate product.

3. If you want to develop a windows form application, you should buy Aspose.Excel.Windows separately.

Aspose.Excel is a non-UI spreadsheet creation engine. Aspose.Excel.Web is a web control to display Excel files on web pages. Aspose.Excel.Windows is a winform control to display Excel files on winform applications.

They are three separated products.


Ok thanks.

So we’ll proceed with Aspose.Excel.Web and Aspose Powerpoint…btw do we get the fomulas support upgrade (aspose.excel.web) for free if we purchase now or do we wait until it is supported?


You will get the formula support upgrade for free.