Viewing Dynamic columns in MS Word


In implementing a scenario, we are generating multiple columns(8 to 10) in a word document. Viewing the data in these columns is becoming a problem as the dynamic columns become more in number.They are not viewable. Is there a possibility to shift the additional dynamic columns to the next page without data distortion? Please let us know.
Pavithra V S


Thanks for your inquiry. There is no direct way to achieve this. I think you can calculate width of the page and check whether table fits to the page width. It can be difficult to determine because in MS Word table rows are completely independent and can contain different number of cells. However, it each row has the same number of cells of the same width, it is possible to split such tables. I think, you can try using the same techniques as in Excel2Word demo. I attached Java version of this demo here.
Hope this helps.
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