Viewing Powerpoint slide thumnails on website and merging selected slides into new powerpoint file

I wish to purchase some software that will enable visitors to my website to view thumbnails of slides from various powerpoint presentations and then select the ones they require and from this create a new powerpoint presentation on the fly. Is this possible with Aspose?

Also the website I currently use is driven by PHP on a linux server.



Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

You will be please to know that Aspose.Slides for Java supports PHP and allows you to generate the presentation slides thumbnail and then showing the thumbnails on Webpage. You may generate the presentation slides by using the selected images and then can save the presentation in streams and can save that on your local machine. Please proceed to this link for code snippet to generate the slide thumbnails and this documentation link for presentation saving method information using Presentation.write() method.

Thanks and Regards,

Thats great thank you for the info. Also the as regards the subscription term. If I sign up for one year and get my website working fine I presume it will still work in 3 years time even if I only signed up for 1 year?

The subscription is just for software upgrades isnt it?

Dear Daniel,

The subscription is valid for one year. With a yearly subscription, you can download all new product releases and hotfix versions released before the expiry of your license. However, you can continue using your the product versions that are released during the span time of your subscription even after the expiry of your license subscription. Hope it answers your query.

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