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Is it possible to render an Excel document in a dialog box using Aspose


Hi Yann,

This feature is not supported yet. But we will release a new product to enable you to do it. It’s a winform control which provides a spreadsheet UI.


Thanks for the fast answer.

I had read that your components had partial support for COM technologies. I thought that maybe, it was possible to use them like ActiveX. Is it possible to create an Aspose.Excel object with the method CWnd::CreateControl?

Regarding the new product, will it be possible to use it from Visual C++ 6? Do you have an idea about the release date?

Best Regards,

Yann Jacques

Aspose.Excel is a non-UI component. The new component will be named as Aspose.Excel.Windows.

I am not sure about how to use it with VC++ 6. Please check MSDN for reference about using VC++6 to work with a dotnet control.