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Visio Page's PDF- HTML and Image output takes more than 40 seconds


I am using aspose.diagram v6.7.0 to generate PDF and image outputs (png, jpeg, svg etc.) from the pages in the attached visio file. The output takes a huge amount of time.

For Page-1, output takes more than 40 seconds.
For Page-2, output takes 8-10 seconds, which is also a lot of time.
Ideally it should not take more than 1-2 seconds for the output.


Following code is used to generate the PDF output:

Diagram diagram = new Diagram("DNetwork.vsd");
String pageName = "Page-1";
Page srcPage = diagram.getPages().getPage(pageName);
File outputFile = new File("output.pdf");
String imageFormat = "pdf";

PdfSaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions();
int pageIndex = 0;
for (Page page : (Iterable) diagram.getPages()) {
if (page.getID() == srcPage.getID()) {
options.setPageCount(1); break;
long start = System.currentTimeMillis();, options);

long end = System.currentTimeMillis();
System.out.println("Time taken for PDF output : " + (end - start));

Can you please analyse this issue.


Hi Neha,

Thank you for contacting support. We have tested your source Visio diagram against the latest version 6.7.0. It is taking 7 seconds for the first page and 2-3 seconds for the second pages in our working environment. Could you please let us know which Aspose.Diagram API version are you using? We suspect, you are using an old version. If so, then please upgrade to the latest version 6.7.0 and let us know how that goes on your side.


Thanks for your reply.

As mentioned earlier, I am using aspose.diagram version 6.7.0.

I have re-verified this issue and found that when running the application DEBUG mode, it takes more than 40 seconds for Page-1 and 8-10 seconds for Page-2. When running the application in RUN mode it takes 8-10 seconds for Page-1 and 2-3 seconds for Page-2.

Although time taken is comparatively less in case of RUN mode, but it still takes 8-10 seconds for taking output of a single page. 8-10 seconds is also a huge time for taking output of a single page, that too in a document with only two pages. Ideally it should not take more than 1-2 seconds.


Hi Neha,

Thank you for the details. We have logged an investigation to improve the performance under ticket id DIAGRAMJAVA-50356 in our bug tracking system. Your post has also been linked this ticket. We’ll keep you informed regarding any available updates. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hi John,

Thank you for being patient. We have a good news for you that the ticket ID DIAGRAMJAVA-50356 has now been resolved. If there is no issue in the QA phase, then this fix will be included in the next version 16.11.0 of Aspose.Diagram for Java API. We'll inform you via this forum thread as soon as the new release is published.

Hi Neha,

Thank you for being patient. In reference to the ticket ID DIAGRAMJAVA-50356, please download and use the latest Hotfix version: Aspose.Diagram for Java 16.10.1. Please also let us know how that goes on your side.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as DIAGRAMJAVA-50356) have been fixed in Aspose.Diagram for Java 16.11.0.

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