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Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 and Aspose.Word

We are presently evaluating Aspose.Word for inclusion in our application. We are however, commencing development using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 and the .NET Framework 2.0 (.NET2.0) and would like to confirm the situation with regard to Aspose.Word and .NET 2.0.

I have tried using Aspose.Word in .NET 2.0 but upon execution receive the following error message:

[System.TypeInitializationException] {"The type initializer for 'Aspose.Win32.s' threw an exception."} System.TypeInitializationException

Inner Exception:
[System.BadImageFormatException] {"!\"ValueType mismatch\""} System.BadImageFormatException

I suspect that the .NET 2.0 is not a supported runtime as yet.

What is the possibility of releasing an Aspose.Word Beta for .NET 2.0 testing?


Thanks, we will try get Aspose.Word working with .NET 2.0 by next week.

Thanks Roman! Look forward to it…


FYI, same issue with Aspose.PDF i.e. BadImageFormatException.

Should I post to Aspose.PDF Forums also?


Hi Stephen,

I might disappoint you, but I looked at .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 1 and I found it very unstable so I don’t think we will look into supporting it now.

1. We had some problems with our licensing code because as it turned out Unicode encoding does not work as expected. Normally if you have say a 100 chars string, when converted to unicode you expect it to be 200 bytes long. Not so in .NET 2.0. When I convert this string manually byte by byte - it works.

2. BadImageFormatException is related to the binary format of the .dll. I’ve seen this error is mentioned on the internet in a number of places and it seems to be due to many various reasons. I’m not sure, but I guess this might be related to obfuscating, we use Dotfuscator to obfuscate our products. Apparently, we cannot fix this and need to wait when dotfuscator is updated and .NET 2.0 is more stable.


Never mind… I’ll just ‘up end’ our project plan to do the document production towards the end (some 9-12 months away).

Thanks for the investigation.


Do you have an estimation on when Aspose.Word will be available for Visual Studio 2005? I am working on a prototype and upgraded from Visual Studio 2003 to 2005, thus no longer able to use your product. I am intested in purchasing, but am waiting to compatablilty with Visual Studio 2005.



Thank your for your interest.

We tried working with Visual Studio 2005 Beta and it was unstable to the point we cannot do any useful work. We decided to postpone until commercial release is available. We will make sure Aspose.Word works with VS 2005 in just a few days after commerical release is out.