Water mark text visible on PDF file with newly purchage license

Hi Team,
We have renewed the license of Aspose PDF for .Net but we are seeing water mark text on PDF files with the new license.

It is not visible with old license. can you please help us since our old license will be expired by tomorrow (11/28/2020) .

Appreciate your response on this.

I have restarted the app pool still issue exist.

Below procedure we followed

  • Deleted the existing license file from web application root folder
  • Copied new license file into web application root folder
  • Recycled the application pool

Written the code to read the license file from specific directory by providing path in our application, can you please suggest, do we have any other places which needs to be verified for this license references.


image.png (15.9 KB)

We are using, versions of Aspose pdf dll.

The newly generated license is not supported for version of dll. If we use new version of dll 20.11 we are seeing few alignment issues due to that could not update to new version. Is there any possibility to map new license to the version which we are using now and all the above versions also.

We will upgrade it to new version later since it’s required more testing before rollout to client environments.


It is always recommended to use the latest version of the API due to the fact that it contains more fixes and enhancements. The new license is not working with older version due to change in the API name that was made in the past.

Would you please explain a bit more about the issue which you are experiencing using the latest version of the API? We will try to replicate it in our environment and share our feedback with you. We will also try to provide you some workaround (if there is an issue) so that you can use the most recent available version.

Also, related to your first post - are you still facing an issue of seeing watermark in output files despite setting a valid license?