Watermark appears on Enterprise Licensed copy of Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services


I have an issue with a watermark appearing in PowerPoint files exported from an SSRS 2008R2 application that uses Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services for exporting to PowerPoint docs.
• This is a new installation of the SSRS application.
• This installation is the same as an existing installation that works fine, except the new installation is on SSRS2008R2 Standard and the working installation is on SSRS2008 Enterprise.
• The Aspose.Slides.ReportingServices.dll files are the same version ( – 3/2/2011) in both cases. The SSRS2008 dll being used for SSRS2008 and the SSRS2008R2 dll being used with this new SSRS2008R2
• The same license file is being used in both cases and is in the same folder as the Aspose dll and has 20121013
• The installation that works is SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition and the one that does not work is SQL Server 2008R2 Standard Edition and Enterprise . Shouldn’t the Enterprise also be able to be used with the lesser Standard Edition of SQL Server?
• Upgrading to a newer version of Aspose is not an option and shouldn’t be necessary.

Can you please assist?



I have observed your requirements and suggest you to please observe the intended location of license file along with possible license file names in slide notes of exported presentation. You may please copy the license to required location and see if things work. You also need to make sure that Aspose.Slides has access to license file as well.